Pointy Pembleton: A Children’s Book That’s Doing Good


How delighted we were when Pointy Pembleton appeared on our doorstep.

If you’ve been around this blog for awhile, you already know how clever Nat Panzarino is from her Book Advent Calendar and Bauble Wreath craft. Now she, with illustrator Fer Wicker, has turned her creative talents to a children’s book that benefits Greyhound Rescue.

“Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park” is the story of new dog in down, Pointy Pembleton, a greyhound (“even though I’m not grey”) who hopes to make some friends on his first day at the dog park. The other dogs aren’t sure what to make of Pembleton, what with his pointy nose, long body, tall frame, and everything else that makes him a bit different. In the end, diversity wins the day at the dog park, with the help of one good friend. The rhyming story is fun to read aloud, and the watercolour illustrations are so bright and endearing.

The 4 year old Mini Artsplorer was so charmed by this book. As Pembleton was met with one rejection after the next, I looked over to see her face had fallen, and she was listening intensely. “That’s not very nice of them,” she told me. A couple of readings of the book opened up a great conversation about how we hope she’d act if she sees another kid with no one to play with. She’s off to school next year, and this is a conversation I feel like I can’t have enough times with her.

She insisted that Pembleton come to daycare with her for show and tell, where they read the book together. At pick up time, her teacher told us – “the kids got it.”

We’re a few dozen readings into Pointy Pembleton, at this point, and I think it’s safe to say that this lovely book is a new favorite for all of us here. Parents beware, though, the 4 year old is now convinced that we need to adopt a greyhound.

Pointy Pembleton

More about Pointy Pembleton Visits the Dog Park and order the book on the website. $5 from every book sale goes to Greyhound Rescue.


Head over to the Artsplorers Instagram page to win a Pointy Prize Pack, including a signed copy, limited edition tote bag, magnet, and a “Pawtrait” painted by a rescue hound.

If you already have your copy, you can still enter to win a copy for your child’s school or daycare, or for any other dog loving kid in your life (which is pretty much all of them, right?!).

Pointy Pembleton