Make It With Kids: Christmas Bauble Wreath

I love an easy-peasy craft, and with school holidays upon us, I know many of us will be looking for constructive ways to fill the days! Natalie Panzarino shares this adorable Christmas bauble wreath that she made with her 3 year old artsplorer. In addition to how lovely the finished product looks and how proud  her little guy is with his efforts, I also love that you can probably pick up all the materials you need at your local op shop, if you’d like.

Happy holidays and happy crafting!

This wreath making activity is a fun way to get children in the spirit of Christmas. Older kids will love it, and toddlers can be involved with a little assistance. All you need to complete this project is:

-Assorted sized baubles in the colours of your choice
-A wire coat hanger
-A scrap of ribbon

You simply shape the hanger in to a rough circle and unhook the top. If you are working with a younger child it is easier for them if you use the pliers to snip off the curled end of the hanger as it can make it a bit tricky for little fingers to thread the baubles.

Start with your largest two or three baubles and thread them on to the wire so that they will fall at the bottom of the wreath. Thread baubles on either side, ensuring that you use different sizes so that there are no large gaps.

Once your wire is full, use the pliers to create a tight hook and loop it by the base of the hanger’s hook.

Use a ribbon and accent bauble to cover the hook. 

And, you’re ready to hang your wreath!

The author: Nat is a Visual Arts and English teacher who also spends her time doing charity work for Greyhound Rescue and Got A Pen?  as well as chasing her busy 3 year old and doting on a newborn.


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