About Artsplorers

Awe is what moves us forward.
-Joseph Campbell


Artsplorers is a page about the marvelous place where children and the arts meet:

    • That secret cave under the covers with a flashlight and a book.
    • A brave new world invented by little hands and globs of paint.
    • The dimly lit island where a theatre audience and the characters forget about the rest of the world.
    • An immeasurable space between tip toes and the ground when we make a dancing leap.
    • A river to float on when music carries us away.


Artsplorers celebrates all of these adventures, and believes every child has the right to embark on their own voyages of creativity and discovery.

Based in Sydney Australia, we’ll begin many of our adventures here, branching out to further reaches of Australia as we grow (let us know what cities you’d like us to add next!).

Adventure ahead!