A Book My Child Adores!: Busting by Aaron Blabey

To celebrate Book Week 2017, I’ve asked bloggers to share a book that one of more of their children adores. Claire from Life on Wallace‘s boys have one that makes them all laugh.

Lou was busting for the loo. But yikes! The loo had quite a queue.”
So begins the tale of Lou and his adventures in finding a loo. Busting is another hilarious book from Aaron Blabey.


Busting has rhyming text which makes it simple and fun to read. The illustrations are quirky and the expressions on some of the character’s faces are classic. There’s a fun little twist at the end of the book!


Whenever we read this book my boys are all smiles. Toilet humour has plenty of appeal when you’re 7, 5 and 3! The boys love it because it’s a little silly. The eldest tells me it’s ‘epic’ and he likes how Lou tries to wee in the bamboo!


Claire is a Mum of five kids aged 7 and under, three boys and twin baby girls. She blogs at Life on Wallace about motherhood and perfecting her granny skills.