Artsplorers Visit: The Art Gallery of South Australia

It’s so nice to see how many galleries have begun to pay special attention to making their littlest visitors feel welcome. Lauren Hunt from the always informative and colourful Teacher Types blog recently had a very kid-friendly visit to The Art Gallery of South Australia with her 3 year old artsplorer. 

A must visit for all Art lovers when you are in the Adelaide CBD is the Art Gallery of South Australia. Right on North Terrace amongst several other tourist attractions, it’s easy to get to and a really enjoyable visit for all ages. Whether you call Adelaide home or you are here as a guest – put it on your itinerary!

Entry to the Art Gallery is free and it’s open Daily from 10am to 5pm. It’s accessible for prams and also has a fantastic café where everyone is welcome. Children can even colour in the paper tablecloths to keep them busy while parents enjoy a coffee and a snack. Toilets and baby change facilities are right by the café, and there is also outdoor seating and a lovely grassy area for families to enjoy.

As you browse the Art Gallery, you’ll notice that the exhibitions are organised by theme, and there is always something new to see if you choose to visit several times over the course of a year. The gorgeous old building spans three levels and you can most certainly go at your own pace as you’re exploring.

When you are looking at the art with young children, ask them what they see (it may be different to what you see!). Discuss colour, shape, line, texture and what materials they think the artist may have used. Show them the artist’s name and talk about if the art is very very old, or if it is a new piece of art. Encourage them to slow down and appreciate one piece of art before moving on to the next. Most importantly, remind them not to touch!

At the Art Gallery of South Australia, little artists are catered for too! They have a special area called “The Studio” with regular art workshops and activities taking place. If you want to secure a place, perhaps phone ahead as there could be other group bookings or school groups using the studio space.

If you plan your visit for the first Sunday of the month (between 11am and 3pm), then your children will get to participate in START at the Gallery. An exciting introduction to the arts including activities, tours, entertainment, even a live performance.

Head to the website for more information on learning opportunities they have available for young children.

Lauren Hunt is a mother of two and a teacher from Adelaide SA. She blogs about all things early learning and parenting over at Teacher Types.

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