A Book My Child Adores: Thai-Riffic by Oliver Phommavanh


To celebrate Book Week 2017, I’ve asked bloggers to share a book that one of more of their children adores. Leah from The Kid Bucket List‘s 8 year old daughter’s travelling companion is Thai-Riffic! by Oliver Phommanvanh.

Over the last year, Sunshine’s (aged 8) reading confidence has grown from strength to strength and she has grown her library to include chapter books.

The latest acquisition to her personal library is Thai-Riffic! by Oliver Phommavanh. We’ve been travelling for the last month and it has been her constant companion, despite finishing it during the first week of our trip.

The book centers around Albert (Lengy) Lengviriyakul, the main character, and his struggle growing up in Australia with a Thai background. He goes to great lengths to hide it, only to go on a journey to realise all the cool things about his culture as the book progresses.

Whilst I haven’t read it, Sunshine has reported that whilst serious in parts, it had just the right amount of humour to keep her laughing all the way through.

Leah is a mum of two, wife and educator. Back in 2014 she developed the Kid Bucket List, an award winning family adventure site documenting the travels of a Sydney based family as they as they explore their city, country and places abroad on a quest to make the very most out of childhood.
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