Artsplorers Visit: Horrible Harriet at the Sydney Opera House

There is nothing like seeing a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House, especially on a beautiful sunny day. And we got the lot. Sunshine, plenty of boats and action on the harbour to watch and FREE fun and games in the Opera House foyer. It’s really a great morning or afternoon out for everyone.
But we were there to see the stage production of Horrible Harriet, a play by Maryam Master, adapted from the books by Leigh Hobbs. Brought to life by the team behind the smash hit stage productions of The 52-Storey Treehouse and Mr Stink, CDP Theatre Producers.

Wicked, wild and wonderful, Horrible Harriet is not your average child.
She lives in the roof of her school and keeps teachers chained in the cellar to do her homework! But all Harriet really wants is a friend. When Athol Egghead lands in his hot air balloon, Harriet finally meets someone who understands her. Then Mr Chicken arrives… Fortunately Horrible Harriet knows how to handle him…Or does she?

Harriet is, as the name suggests, is quite horrible. Husband and I were wondering what the appeal was. She introduces herself and she is rude, arrogant, mean, selfish and quite a self-absorbed school girl. And the kids loved her and thought she was hilarious!!!

But as we all know, appearances can be deceiving. With the help of a quirky new friend who literally drops in out of nowhere, we get to see another side of Harriet. One who is helpful, fun and generous of spirit. Maybe just a lonely girl in need of a friend who won’t judge. There is actually some pretty deep messages in the play and you can see the kids, in between laughing and yelling at the stage, really absorbing them.

As you would come to expect, any play that makes it to the halls of the Opera House is going to have seriously good production values, and Horrible Harriet did not disappoint. Imaginative and surprising sets, perfect sound and the actors were funny and totally endearing. I forgot they were actually adults at times. There was singing and dancing; a crazy, fun light show and plenty of action on stage. Look out for the giant chicken!!!

Bo (2) and Lily (7) both were mesmerised by the performance and had a great time. Lily rates it as one of her favourite stage performances she has ever seen (pretty high praise). Us adults eventually got into it too, once, funny enough, Harriet stopped being so, well, Horrible. And Athol Egghead is just the most adorable character ever. Stole the show in my book.

Whilst the show ends on 23 April 2017, you can register to receive touring information on the CDP Theatre Productions website. It could be coming to a theatre house near you.

Horrible Harriet Sydney Opera House

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